Meet Dominican Women

All thanks to the beauty it offers, foreigners love to visit the Dominican Republic. Well, you have to agree to the fact that beautiful Dominican woman are extremely enticing to the foreigners. Dominican women are known for their beauty and feminine qualities. In many ways, these women are superior. Are they open to dating foreigners? Indeed they are!

However, before you head to the Dominican Republic looking for your life partner, you should learn a few things regarding Dominican women. This information is definitely going to be helpful in winning their affection.

The appearance

First and foremost, let’s examine how they look like. Well, it’s hard to generalize. Like any other country, they come in different colors and shapes. Variety is something that they offer for sure. That will make it easy for you to find your right match. Whether it’s black skin or white skin, they all have one thing in common – a great body!

Their bodies usually have curves. Their bodies tend to develop early. As for curves, it can be subtle or larger depending on the body type. And they love to show off their curves. You will see Dominican women wearing tight clothes often in public. As for the faces, it might not be as beautiful as their bodies in general.


Let’s learn how they behave. Again, it’s hard to generalize as every girl is different. But at the same time, Dominican girls are social, outgoing and fun in general. These women are family oriented. They love to spend their time with their friends. And they love to spend time with their friends. They care about how others perceive them. May be that is why they dress up well before they go out. That’s indeed a good thing. You won’t see them dressed casually in public. This is indeed an attractive quality. They give lot of significance to status. They like to project an exciting and fun life. You will notice that they change their social media profile pictures more often. It’s fair to say that the country is racist to some extent. The hangout place and skin color, usually are good indications of the class. Well, it’s important to have a realistic expectation.

Their preference in men

It’s important to learn the kind of men they prefer. You should know the fact that most of them are actively looking for a relationship. They don’t want to waste their time in flings. They want the guy to provide for them. And they want the guy to shower attention. They are not that concerned about age. But you shouldn’t be fat or ugly if you are an old man. Money is a big deciding factor for them. Having a nice car and nice place can be really enticing for them. Dominican women love to chat and they will appreciate it if you can hold a conversation. But most of them are not proficient in English, except the upper-class women. So, learning a little bit of Spanish can be really helpful.  

They have a thing for bad boys?

They will not admit it. But you can see that they have a thing for bad boys. They have a nickname for bad boys – tiger. They are attracted to the alpha male. If you are a beta male, then your chances of success are less here. And they might even take advantage of beta male. If you are an alpha male with money, then Dominican women are perfect for you. They are always attracted to alpha males.

How to pick the perfect woman?

As we have already mentioned, you will find all types of women there. The challenge is to find someone who is a total package. Loyalty, brains, personality and looks – all these are important qualities. To find someone with all these qualities can be a herculean task. Attractive women get lots of attention. For the same reason, they might have several options before them. Cheating is not uncommon here. Therefore, you need to be careful while selecting your life partner.

However, you should stay steer clear of “Chapiadora.” That word translates to “gold digger” in English. You already know what that means. We are talking about women who marry older and ugly male only for money. They don’t care how ugly or old you are – they only care about the money.

How to spot a gold digger? Well, they usually wear provocative clothes. They wear hair extensions and heavy makeup as well. Well, if you live in the country for few months, you will get to know about them easily. If you have freshly arrived in the country, then you need to be little careful.

You will also come across lots of single mothers in the country. You will be surprised to hear that the number of single moms is very high in the country. But you will encounter less number of single moms in the areas where upper-class live. We would warn you to stay away from single moms as they might ask for money for their children.

Meeting Dominican girls

This is one of the most repeated questions. Well, you will come across them in your day to day life here in the country. You shouldn’t hope to pick up women easily as the nightlife scene is dull.


One big advice that we have for you is to not appear desperate. You shouldn’t go out of your way in order to meet girls. If you try too hard, it can diminish the attraction. You don’t want this to happen. You have to stick to your daily routines as usual and you will bump into beautiful and attractive women. If you like to go to the gym, then that can be beneficial as lot of attractive women will be there. Another spot to find women are the malls. You will come across lot of single girls in shopping malls. Just go there and say Hello. You will never your luck!

To conclude, Dominican woman are a special kind of women. If you know how to treat them the way they like, then odds are in your favor for dating and marrying a Dominican woman.